Old Stoic Benevolent Fund

As you know, the Old Stoic Society endeavours to support Old Stoics throughout their lives after leaving Stowe.

We do this by offering a wide range of members’ services and activities, from sports and social activities to careers guidance and professional advice, along with introductions to others in the OS network.

We are now delighted to announce the launch of the Old Stoic Benevolent Fund (OSBF): a charitable body set up to provide support for Old Stoics in their hour of need.

Any Old Stoic facing a personal crisis can contact the OSBF and we will provide a friendly face to speak to and practical help if we can. This could include modest financial support.

All approaches will be handled confidentially by the OSBF Trustees, who can draw on Stowe and the OS network for resources and specialist advice, and who also have access to various other sources of support.

Even while we have been setting up the Fund and its charity structure, the Old Stoic Committee has been hearing from Old Stoics who are struggling in one way or another and we have already been able to assist in a number of cases. We hope the OSBF will provide a valuable and helpful safety net for anyone who needs it.

Funding will come from the Old Stoic Society, which has committed an annual donation.

The Old Stoic Benevolent Fund is now available to you should you find yourself unable to find a place to sleep; pay your rent; buy food for your family or afford a suit for a job interview. All you need do is enquire via the Old Stoic Office for confidential assistance.

To find out more, please contact Anna Semler via asemler@stowe.co.uk or telephone 01280 818252