Stowe Lodge

Another successful year for the Lodge and we continue to welcome a number of new members, including a couple of recent school leavers, which is very gratifying.

2017 was a significant year for Freemasonry in that it marked the 300th anniversary of our governing body. A number of events were held to mark the occasion and of particular note was the Sky TV series; Inside the Freemasons, in which we tried to give an insight into Freemasonry, and the launch by London Masons (of which the Lodge is a member) of a £2.5m appeal to purchase two extended high rise aerial vehicles for London Fire Brigade, which are particularly apt post the tragic Grenfell Tower fire. This appeal follows successive appeals to support London’s Emergency Services by the purchase of a £2m state of the art CyberKnife for Bart’s Hospital to help fight cancer, five rapid responder cars for the London Ambulance Service, and a recent £2m donation to help fund London’s second Air Ambulance.

In our own small way, the Lodge has also continued its charitable ethos by providing bursary assistance to pupils at Stowe who for financial reasons would otherwise have been unable to complete their studies.

The Lodge is open to male Old Stoics, of all denominations, over 18 years old, and if you are interested in finding out more please contact Ian Bendell (Walpole 87) by emailing