Mother Earth is Calling to COP26!

The current crazy weather is a gauge of the health of our precious planet,
From the deep blue oceans to the abundant rain forests and highest peak,
Animals that share our world are affected, including the soaring gannet
Before it´s too late we must listen to their warnings, but they can´t speak.

An irregular pulse causes dramatic climatic swings and we are not alone,
Because we have a responsibility to care for all creatures’ great and small,
The very future of our very existence is in our hands, our world is on loan,
What will our children say if we let them down and don’t answer the call?

The alarm has now been set and of concern we could be running out of time,
Forests are burning, floods are drowning, droughts are starving, so many,
We need a new world order where conflict is eliminated whilst in our prime,
Climate change is here for real and will get worse if we so delay to be ready

Conflict and wars are not only very stupid they are very barbaric and cruel,
This is a reflection of deep insensitivity but also man´s inhumanity to man
Killing each other for a belief or difference just in order to conquer and rule,
Is a failure to celebrate life on this earth in harmony together, hand in hand!

Above all religions must come together and unite and with a common cause,
And that is the survival of the human race and so set different beliefs aside,
To focus on the things we have in common, because there is no time to pause,
Together we prevail, divided we fail, our history will be written far and wide.

Wars and it´s battles are not glorious; they are a failure of all that was good
Values that we must uphold are love over hate to dialogue over silence not rend
Recent wars have caused a catastrophic result, the only winner is evil´s hood,
Invasions brings death and destruction; nuclear war could be another sad end.

We have come a long way together since the Stone Age when we lived in caves,
As our intelligence increased so did the desire to fight and extend new territory,
Little has changed from those prehistoric times and a failure to find new ways,
We must accept One Maker overall and count the blessings of a shared history

With rising sea levels land is shrinking, small island nations will disappear,
Coastal cities will have to be re-located as they sink and become uninhabitable,
Complacency now will result in future planetary stress and also generate fear
The threat of wars and a warming world make space exploration very laudable.
………..or debatable!

Identifying and overcoming diversity together will be the mother of our survival!

Alasdair Kennedy (Walpole 64)