Alex Robertson, (Walpole 11) and Simon Everitt (Bruce 84) in Geneva

Global OS

Following an unprecedented time where Old Stoics experienced a very unfamiliar sensation – that of being cooped up and not moving and shaking in the finest OS tradition – the Old Stoic Committee has been as busy as ever using the additional time to start planning slightly further ahead with our main emphasis being on preparing the ground for the Centenary in 2023.

On my side, having taken over the responsibility from Luke Chauveau (Cobham 87) of international Old Stoics, we have developed an outline of what we want to see on a global scale. The primary goal is wanting to engage as many of our Old Stoics globally as we can.

To do this we have decided to hold ‘Hub’ location events with the current main hubs being: USA, UAE, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Nigeria/Kenya, France, Germany and Australia. The idea here being that these locations hold high concentrations of Old Stoics and therefore offer a solid base with others in smaller but nearby jurisdictions hopefully being able to attend as well.

These events will be held in as glamorous locations as we can garner, with representatives of both the institutions and OS Society attending in support.

As you can see from the photo, we are slowly getting back out there. If anyone who is an OS or OS parent living abroad and would like to know more or, dare I say it, get involved please feel free to email me on

Alexander Robertson (Walpole 11)