Jonathan Keating (Cobham 73) and Jonathon Hall (Bruce79) have established JX2.

We met via the Old Stoic Society and realised there were synergies in our careers, one as an advertising man and the other a fashion entrepreneur. As individuals, people often approached us for consultancy and/or advice on raising funds for new companies or existing businesses.

It struck us that Stowe, as a community would have its fair share of entrepreneurial characters as well as “angels” who might be interested in supporting fledgling and more mature talents. So, we formed JX2.

We are currently working with banking, e-gaming, pharmaceuticals, a medical based app, electric vehicle charging and music/celebrity e-ticketing. It is difficult these days to raise money from banks, so the equity/grant/loan model via sophisticated digital platforms is very much the direction of travel.

For entrepreneurs to thrive, support and mentoring, alongside adequate funding and properly conceived cash flow projections and business plans, are vital. This is where we come in.

We welcome any budding entrepreneurs or businesses looking for funding to take them to the next level and investors looking for opportunities. Please contact us on 0203 642 0332 or email jonathon@jx2.london.