Dining in the Music Room

The Roxburgh Society


Stowe is a school built largely on the bequests and philanthropy of its alumni and friends. A legacy to Stowe is one of the most significant ways to leave a lasting impact on the education of future generations of boys and girls. A legacy helps us extend the scope of bursary and scholarship awards, provide the best facilities, and meet the demands of the ongoing restoration of the Mansion House.

Old Stoics and members of the Stowe community who choose to include Stowe in their Will become members of the Roxburgh Society, a group founded in 2005. Its purpose is by way of a thank you and to define a special group of people. The Roxburgh Society hosts two lunches each year at Stowe. The first in June for members and their guests, who are considering joining the Society, and the second in October for members only. In both cases wives, partners and significant others are also invited. These occasions enable us to keep in touch with one another and to be kept up to date with events at Stowe, as Anthony Wallersteiner not only attends, but addresses a captivated audience. Those reconnecting with the School after a significant time away, are quite simply blown away – not just by the sheer majesty of the surroundings, as they have always been present, but by how in recent years they have been enhanced and significantly added to.

Around a year ago, Hannah had a flash of inspiration, as a result of which, we are delighted to report the introduction of tree planting in the School grounds in memory of our legacy donors. Each tree is identified in a register, thereby giving one’s family a focal point to visit in perpetuity.

The Roxburgh Society numbers since inception, broke through the 200 barrier earlier this year (of which 44 are no longer with us), and the last two/three years in particular have seen an accelerated rate of success. However, there are somewhere between four and four and a half thousand Old Stoics aged 55+. Our membership represents just 3.5% to 4% of that number.

Our centenary is now around the corner and there can be no better time to reconnect. It is a total misconception that one has to leave £10,000+ to be of any interest. A bequest (no matter how modest) to one or other, or both of the charities is of inestimable value. The Stowe School Foundation supports the provision of essential scholarships and bursaries, along with the updating of the School’s facilities. The Stowe House Preservation Trust provides the ongoing restoration and maintenance of the Mansion. Furthermore, legacy gifts can benefit your Inheritance Tax liabilities.

Please give joining the Roxburgh Society serious consideration. If you would like further information or to discuss your wishes in confidence, please contact the Development Manager, Hannah Al-Anazi at Stowe (halanazi@stowe.co.uk) on 01280 818326. I, too, am very happy to provide guidance if required.

Email: nigelkrice@gmail.com
Telephone: 07971 501750.

Thank you.

Nigel Rice (Chatham 64)
President, Roxburgh Society