OS Corkscrew Society


Learning about all aspects of wine is something that appears to be a common interest of Old Stoics.

This might be why the Old Stoic Corkscrew Society has been a roaring success for James Sleater (Chatham 99) and myself since we took it on in 2016. We are delighted to have held another two sell-out events over the last year, both hosted by captivating sommeliers imparting their knowledge to a keen audience of Old Stoics of all generations.

In spring 2017, Andrew Clarke (Bruce 77) hosted a tasting about Chablis. We learnt about the origin and gained an understanding of the making of Chablis. The wine tasting featured wines from Andrew’s vineyard in France, including a variety of select vintages of his Chablis Vaudecorce. Old Stoic videography company, Ablinq, created a fantastic short video of the event.

Our next plentiful wine tasting focused on South African wines and was hosted by Hugh Taylor (Cobham 84) and his company Slurp. Hugh’s delicious selection of wines were accompanied by Oliver Nohl-Oser’s (Grafton 01) cocktail sausages from his company The Cumbrian Sausage Company, also featured on Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice. The Headmaster, Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, attended the tasting along with fifty other Old Stoics and guests.

We have many plans for tastings in 2018, which will begin with a tasting hosted by Goedhuis & Co at Berkeley Square. If you would like to join the Old Stoic Corkscrew Society, please join our Facebook group and contact Anna Semler without whom, none of this would be possible. If you have any suggestions for tasting topics or sommeliers please do get in touch.

We look forward to this year being another ‘corker’ for the OS Corkscrew Society.


Talulla Barrow (Lyttelton 07)