Amber Wyles (Nugent 07) answers questions about her clothing range, Maimie.

What inspired you to found Maimie? 

I started Maimie, as I was desperate for clothing that made me feel confident and feminine, whilst being casual and comfy. Working from home as a freelance graphic designer, I found myself living in leggings, pyjama bottoms and oversized jumpers – which ticked the comfort box, but certainly not the feminine one and didn’t leave me feeling overly confident. Maimie is founded on the belief that comfort and glamour can go hand-in-hand. I love the shapes of vintage lounge wear and wanted to bring some of that effortless elegance back.

Tell us about your products.

Our silk womens wear is all about balancing femininity, versatility and comfort. We create flattering shapes, in luxe stretch-silk so they feel like your favourite pyjamas, but wear like your evening best.

How do you produce your products?

I’m very lucky to work with a team of brilliant silk specialist seamstresses, who handmake the entire collection in London. We also work with bespoke seamstresses, who make Maimie to order. It is a real joy to be able to custom make for women, who may want specific colour combinations or extra long, extra petite leg lengths. We once had a client who had her family crest printed on the cuffs of her smoking jacket.

Who are your target customers?

All women who want to feel elegant and comfortable.

 Where does the name Maimie come from?

My Great Grandmother was called Maimie, short for Mary Bell. By all accounts she was quite the matriarch of the family. She always wore floor length silk robes and was rarely seen without her cigarette holder, since childhood she’s always been a glamorous female figure in my eyes.

What makes your silk trousers a cut above?

The secret is their shape (which took almost a year to get right). They’re designed to create curves where none exist and celebrate those already in place, with a secret double-fused silk busk, flattering pleats and a tapered leg. Being handmade in stretch silk, they slip on like a second skin, despite their tailored aesthetic.

What are your best selling pieces from the collection?

The Roxy Estella Oyster silk trousers (see photo) are the best sellers. I think they’re probably the most versatile as they’re ideal for work, play and travel.

We noticed Maimie worn by celebs recently  – what do you think draws them to the brand?

I’m very grateful Maimie has been worn by these wonderfully empowering women. I think they enjoy the versatility of the products, and being inspired by the Hollywood Golden, perhaps make them rather fitting for glam nights out.

Who else would you love to see wearing your clothing?

I think all women deserve to feel feminine, confident and comfortable, so they should all have a pair of Maimies! If I had to be particular, as Maimie is a British brand, celebrating real women – it would be an honour to see Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet and Helena Bonham Carter slinking about town in their Maimies. I have a little girl crush on Marion Cotillard, so a purchase from her wouldn’t go amiss either!