27 July 2016

It was a very enjoyable evening and great to catch up with some of the Old Stoics living in Dubai. We were also delighted to welcome Aaron Chiu who is based in Hong Kong and was in Dubai for the week. What has become apparent is that we need to have many more of these evenings and more often. Most of us have become very good friends and see each other outside these gatherings for business and socially. With several of us now having nieces, nephews, daughters and sons at Stowe there were many memories of good times shared.  Many thanks to the OS Society.

From left to right in the photograph: Brocas Burrows (Grenville 93), Ben Bloomfield (Temple 98), Philippe Fanjere (Guest Non OS), Charles Sargent (Chatham 13), Stuart Healey (Walpole 99), William Skidmore (Walpole 98), Mycroft Croisdale-Appleby (Bruce 89), Aaron Chiu (Chandos 90) and James Bernard (Lyttelton 90), our OS representative in Dubai.

James Bernard (Lyttelton 90)