The Beatles at Stowe – 4 April 1964


Thursday 4 April 1963, Roxburgh Hall

“Probably the most unusual concert appearance of all.” Mark Lewisohn, The Complete Beatles Chronicle

Chris Walker (Walpole 67) has written with fond memories of the Beatles Concert held at Stowe in 1964, he writes:

“I remember David Moores (Grenville 64) arranged the concert and paid the Beatles £100 for the performance. He charged Stoics 10 shillings (50p) each and sold 240 tickets, making a profit of £20. He spent the whole lot on a meal for the Beatles and his chums in the Tuck Shop.

The Beatles turned up quite late for the concert, so played a little extra time for us to compensate. And what a concert! They played their songs from their first LP Please Please Me. Everyone was hit by the huge volume (rare in 1964) from their array of VOX speakers and their audience certainly did not sit quietly, as they enjoyed this new phenomenon.

My era also produced a number of bands; I’ve drawn up the list below with help from my friends, Jess Miller (Cobham 67) and David Jones (Grenville 66).”


Michael Avory (Chatham 66), Philip Walker (Chatham 67) and others


Roger Watson (Grafton 64), Barry Olorenshaw (Chandos 66), James Atherton (Chandos 66), John Stockwell (Grenville 65), Jess Miller (Cobham 67)

1964 I love to Hear/Everywhere – Decca F 12003 – now worth £30

1965 My Love for You/Stewball – Decca F12086 – now worth £30

Roger Watson also recorded some songs under name of Roger Dennison:

1966 I’m on an Island/Running out of Time – Parlophone R5545 – now worth £12

1967 It just Doesn’t Seem to be my Day/She Wanders Through My Mind – Parlophone R5566  – Now worth £50!

Wild Thyme, who later became Dream Merchants

Richard Stormont (Grenville 66), Roger Hodgson (Grenville 68), David Jones (Grenville 66), James Atherton (Chandos 66), John Greenstreet (Grenville 66). Jess Miller joined when they became Dream Merchants.

EP private recording of 4 cover tracks in a classroom in 1966, which were never released publicly.

Solid Silver

Roger Hodgson (Grenville 68), Philip Walker (Chatham 67), Jess Miller (Cobham 67)

Chris Walker (Walpole 67)