Caroline Whitlock Retires

Caroline, Old Stoic Events Co-ordinator, who has worked for the Old Stoic Society for nearly ten years, will retire in March 2017.

Caroline started working part-time in the Old Stoic office in July 2007 but her role soon became a full-time post. She spent her time dealing with varied and diverse queries from Old Stoics all over the world, preparing and organising the OS events both at Stowe, regionally and in London, keeping the database updated with members’ contact details, helping collate The Corinthian, dealing with all the deaths and obituaries, searching for ‘lost’ Old Stoics, and generally keeping in contact with members of the Society.

We are terribly sad to be losing Caroline from our team. She has been instrumental in much of the work we do. Her efficient, hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. We will miss her friendly presence within the office and her confidence in managing the events she masterminds.

Caroline’s favourite event on the OS calendar is, of course, the classic car event at Speech Day. During the first year in 2010, 32 cars formed the display. Over the last six years, Caroline has increased the numbers for this event so much, that for the last few years we’ve been worried we wouldn’t fit all the cars in, with numbers reaching over 100! We’re delighted that Caroline has agreed to help with this year’s classic car display.

I am sure I speak on behalf of all Old Stoics when I bid her a very heartfelt thank you for her efforts over the years and warm wishes for her retirement. I have heard about many of her plans for the coming years, it certainly sounds as if she’ll be as busy as ever.

I am pleased to announce that, along with other parting gifts, Caroline will be granted Honorary Membership of the OS Society. I hope she will find some time to join us at OS events in the future.

Caroline adds, “I have really enjoyed working for the Old Stoic Society over the last decade, organising a variety of different events and I’ve met and communicated with so many Old Stoics over the years, all over the world, which has been extremely interesting. What a diverse and entrepreneurial membership there is!

I’ve been very fortunate to have made some true friends along the way. I hope to catch up with some of you at future OS events. I’m delighted to be given Honorary Membership of the OS Society and thank the Society greatly for this privilege.”

Anna Semler (Nugent 05)