Legendary Motorcycle Adventures

Tailor-made, bespoke motorcycle adventure on vintage & retro motorcycles, to some of the most spectacular places on the Planet.

“Ladies & Gentlemen please be ready to have your spirits thoroughly raised…as you prepare to embark on a Legendary Motorcycle Adventure”

We’ve all been there, right? We had a ‘bike as a kid, got real and now we’re pushing sensible. But, just once in a while, we catch a glimpse…the lone rider, weaving his magic through the backed-up traffic; the newly divorced friend who’s salvaged his pride with a Harley. Or the dude with a rat-bike who’s busy lowering our house prices with his engine roar. How his freedom bugs us!

It’s about the ‘bike, but it’s so much more: the horse perfected, the rebel mount, the sense of belonging which derives from riding out with the guys, the admiration and disapproval, the adventure that’s there for all; the sensations only found on the glorious edge: the sun, wind and rain, the fear and elation of simply drawing your line on earth’s fair face.

Sam Pelly (Grenville 92) and Ed Talbot-Adams of Legendary Motorcycle Adventures are passionate about this idea of Making Space. Their bespoke tour company, offers just this! They think it’s time you dusted down your dreams, brought together your mates and joined them on a classic Royal Enfield. Cut loose in Andalusia, chug down to the Sahara and island hop through the Mediterranean, or an epic route through Iran. They mix boutique hotels with raw, wild camps in gorgeous places. Small daily mileages and ample time to take it all in. Campfire chat, stepping out of the madness; a chance to get some dust on the Belstaff and nurture your people, to challenge yourself and them.

LMA takes care of your itinerary, having consulted and understood your aims and wishes. They make sure you’re safe and well fed. They share a passion for the simplicity of the motorcycle, as the best means to experience mother earth. Wild swimming, camping out under a full galaxy of stars, fine malt round the camp-fire and inspired conversation, your hosts promise you will return reconnected, refreshed, recalibrated.

Please note for those who never rebelled, Sam and Ed will lead you through the ropes, via their affiliated driving school to obtain your licence, so you too can join them!

Speak with Sam or Ed or one of their friendly crew on 0800 634 9611 or visit their website: www.lma.life

Sam Pelly (Grenville 92)