Stowe School from Ablinq on Vimeo.

William Berner (Chatham 11) shares news about a video his company, Ablinq, has created for Stowe.

Elements of everyday Stowe life needed linking together into a digestible chunk of online video for the school website. This vision was brought to life and produced by Ablinq.

We had every intention of making this unique. Cinema, depth and story was our aim, to buck the trend of unimaginative, documentary and corporate style school videos that circle the internet. The coming together of some unlikely friends from all corners of Stowe to the sound of an original string quartet composition got the taste buds going.

The hottest week of the year beamed down in June as we ventured from one end of Stowe to the other collecting the shots necessary to tell this story. We ended in the Music School with three talented string students who performed for us a beautiful studio recording of our music score that gave this film a wonderfully authentic sound.

Videos that sit at the heart of an organisation, with its values and ethos on show for their viewers to experience, are the ones that resonate. Thankfully, through the collaboration of the staff, students and an Old Stoic behind the lens we have produced something genuinely Stoic which we hope you will enjoy.

William Berner (Chatham 11)