The Roxburgh Society


Old Stoics and members of the Stowe community who choose to include Stowe in their will become members of The Roxburgh Society, a group founded in 2005. Its purpose is to define a special group of people, where camaraderie and a mutual desire to grow the Society concentrates our focus. 


A legacy/bequest is of inestimable value. The Stowe School Foundation supports the provision of essential scholarships and bursaries, along with the updating of the School’s facilities. The Stowe House Preservation Trust provides the ongoing restoration and maintenance of the mansion.

The Roxburgh Society now numbers over 150 members. In addition, since inception 55 legacies have been realised. However, there are currently 3,879 Old Stoics aged fifty five and over. Our living membership represents just four percent of that figure!

My ‘Girl Friday’ at Stowe is Hannah Al-Anazi, the Development Manager, which incorporates the Roxburgh Society. She is responsible for an inspired idea. In June, it was announced that trees will now be planted in the School grounds, in memory of each and every member once the bequest is received. Members’ names will be recorded in the Stowe Tree Record Book, which will be stored in the Library, and tree planting commemoration ceremonies will be held for the families of the deceased. This new initiative has been extraordinarily well received, and will hopefully accelerate the growth in our numbers.

Stowe’s centenary is now just six years away (May 2023). Whilst significant legacies are cherished, if say one in five of the 3,879 Old Stoics referred to above, were to make a bequest (no matter how modest), the Roxburgh Society would gain the momentum to become contagious.

Please give joining the Roxburgh Society serious consideration. If you would like further information or to discuss your wishes in confidence, please contact Hannah at Stowe ( on 01280 818326. I too, am very happy to provide guidance if required. or 07971 501750.

Thank you.

Nigel Rice (Chatham 64)
President, Roxburgh Society