Sustainable Fashion

This year’s trials and tribulations have no doubt shifted our consumer perspectives from what we want, to appreciating what we already have. That said, there is no better time to re-enter some sense of ‘normality’ as a more conscious consumer.

My experience is that people trying to change their consumer habits feel that without fully embodying the word ‘sustainability’ in everything they do and perhaps even refraining from shopping altogether, they can’t make an impact. However, moving our collective focus from whether we shop (or not!) to how we shop is a refreshing and obtainable angle that everyone should adopt. With endless seasons and micro-trends bombarding us every step of the way, it is more important than ever to be conscious around what we’re buying. Are we buying things we actually want; will they last for a long time and do they truly reflect our own personal style?

Relearning the art of delayed gratification and taking time to figure out our authentic style paves the way for avoiding unnecessary spending and the extra pressure mass-production puts on our planet. Thinking more deeply about what brings us joy, whether it be certain cuts, colours or fabrics and looking towards longevity are certainly more rewarding ways to shop than buying into trends and being told what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’. When we buy things we truly love we naturally commit to extending their lifespan whether it be through taking extra care, tailoring, mending or upcycling. All of which really does make a difference, especially if we decide we no longer want it, we can pass it on to a new owner in good condition for a second-lease of life!

Shopping can and should exist within a larger culture of purpose which is why I founded People’s Pieces in 2018. We collect, curate and edit second-hand pieces to sell at our events and pride ourselves on having a unique collection that celebrates individual style and longevity. To find out more please follow our Instagram @peoplespieces or visit our website

Louisa Gibbs (Stanhope 13)