OS Cycling Club Arrives in 2021

We are delighted to announce the launch of the OS Cycling Club. Charlie and John Stopford invited me to a randonnée across midland England between lockdown’s 1 and 2. In a pub at lunch on day three (sparkling water only), we decided that if we set up a club for Old Stoics it would force us to get out more often. So calling all OS cyclists!

Our inaugural ride will that place on Old Stoic Day 2021, and depending on the response, we will look at putting more rides in the calendar. The plan is to meet on the North Front at 9.30am before heading out at 10am. We are hoping the School might provide bacon sarnies and coffee as an incentive to get you there on time…

John Stopford is the Club routemaster. He is planning 50m route to Wotton Underwood, with lunch somewhere nearby (perhaps the Pointer in Brill which takes in a decent hill). Wotton was the family seat of the Grenville family, later the Dukes of Buckingham and Chandos, so an appropriate connection to Stowe. They are buried in the Mortuary Chapel in the Church, which ideally we would visit and we can also take a look at Wotton House, their home before Stowe.

Ideas for a race jersey are in the works and rest assured we are determined to be fined by the UCI for the design. Once we have the design, we will share a link to the supplier for you to buy one, though there is no requirement to have it to join us.

We want to be the most inclusive and friendly club on offer – certainly no qualifying circuit of the Bourbon Fields to get you in. You just need a bike, a helmet and a smile. This is about getting out into the countryside around Stowe and having a laugh with a bunch of like-minded people. We hope you will join us.

For more information or to register for the ride, please email oldstoiccc@gmail.com and either John or I will get back to you.

Car up!

Jonathan Bannister (Walpole 1987) & John Stopford (Walpole 1987)