Stowe Templars

Understandably, and in common with most sports, there is not a lot to be said about the 2020 season. One would have thought that cricket would have been one of the easier and earlier sports to be accommodated post-lockdown. However, the reasons provided for its exclusion beyond sports like tennis were confused and confusing, it was strange to see Test cricket being played when Club cricket wasn’t – isolating bubbles or not.

However, the Templars did manage to get back on the pitch towards the end of the season, playing away games against Hurlingham and the Hampshire Hogs, as well as a game against the School. Sadly, but inevitably, the highlights of our year, the Cricketer Cup competition and the Cricket Week, had to be cancelled but we are very hopeful that these will return to the calendar in 2021.

One thing that did become clear over the close season, and was reinforced when players were canvassed for the three end-of-season games, was the enthusiasm of the recent leavers to come and play for the club. This provided some light in a murky year and is something that we will be building on, as always, for future seasons.

Please do get in touch with us with any questions or requests to join – we are ever-receptive. The people to talk to are either Adam Cossins (, 07545 590710) or Rupert Rowling (, 07833 694336).

Oliver Croom-Johnson (Temple 69)