OS Cross-Country

The Old Stoic Cross-Country Club, aka Donaldson’s VIII, meets twice yearly. In March, against the School, over about 4.5 miles. While Simon Gardner (Temple 95) led the field home in 25:20 the school won counting 6 with 35-51. Chris Hutber (Chandos 87) 28:24, Richard Lloyd (Grenville 94) 28:30 and Charlie Clare (Chatham 94) 29:30 followed closely. Four others completed the course.

In December, four hardy souls braved five miles of Wimbledon Common – Simon Gardner (Temple 95) 35:09, Kate Winter (née Chambré, Lyttelton 97) 40:43, Neil Harvey (Grenville 70) 49:36 and Richard Weston (Chatham 65) 75:18. Quotes: Neil, “The ubiquitous mud made it more of a slidathon than usual”. Kate, an unexpected but very welcome late escaper from all things pre-Christmas, “It was a bit muddy [‘a bit’! Ed], with slippery hills and hurdling fallen trees making it quite challenging”. Both agreed it was great fun and recommend others to try it.

Richard Weston (Chatham 65)