Left: Jane Thorpe, Swanbourne House Head. Right: Antonia Lee, Winchester House Head

News from Stowe: Stowe Evolves

In the last twelve months, we have seen truly historic changes in education as the sector continued to navigate synchronous and asynchronous learning and the delivery of education and exams in the time of Covid.

Whilst this work continued at Stowe, senior members of Staff and Governors were also exploring the exciting prospect of taking over two Prep Schools. These secret talks took place on Zoom during 2020, and over the Christmas break that year, Stowe awaited completion on the ownership of Swanbourne House and Winchester House schools. In the first week of 2021, as the country locked down again, we announced the formal creation of The Stowe Group.

In times of economic uncertainty, there is a lot to be said for schools joining together to create a group which can benefit from a shared vision, strategic leadership, facilities, staffing, procurement, ICT and administration systems.

Stowe has long been a destination for many pupils attending Swanbourne House and Winchester House and the formation of The Group was a natural progression, given our proximity and shared vision and values. Knowing your child’s education pathway from 3 to 18 allows parents and schools to understand and develop cognitive and non-cognitive skills without the pressure of being on a treadmill of endless exams. It is so exciting to have the opportunity to share our vision with two other schools whilst also respecting their individual and separate identities and traditions. Joining The Group ensures that both Prep Schools can build on their reputation for creating stimulating environments in which pupils can learn through excellent teaching, outstanding co-curricular activities and first-class pastoral care.

The focus of The Group is now to build a strong group which will flourish by building on our Change Makers Vision and on each schools’ existing strengths in order to provide the best education for pupils at all three schools. The Group will future-proof our pupils so that they can adapt and change as the world changes and then, in turn, change the world. This allows us, as a Group, not only to help our pupils navigate numeracy, literacy and analytical skills, but also provide a toolkit of other skills, which will prepare pupils for life after school. It also allows children to benefit from a shared culture of continuous improvement as they map their progression from Prep to Senior School.

We are delighted to be part of a group with more than 1,400 pupils across our three incredible school sites and we believe that forging this alliance will ensure that all three schools continue
to thrive.

Tori Roddy, Group Director of Marketing & Admissions