Healing Through Creativity


Journeying into adulthood was challenging, and undealt with emotional issues led to increasing illness and anxiety. Life became one of existing. Ten years ago, I found myself in a church in Fulham being prayed for, and it was through prayer and creative expression that God restored and healed me and a new journey of hope began.

I am now in full time mission in Israel, Eastern Europe and in the UK and have the privilege of drawing alongside people, often oppressed and broken communities, groups, and individuals using creativity. Life can bring heart wrenching and desperate situations yet through prayer and creativity we see God touching and healing hearts. Freedom is possible, lives are transformed and relationships rebuilt. We also equip teams within churches and organisations to use creativity within their community to help reach those in need.

With a small team and Buckingham Parish Church, ‘Created Creative’ is being set up as a registered charity. We are looking to grow our support network and awareness as needs increase. If you would like to be part of the development of this work or if you would like to find out more about creativity and workshops please contact me at: emma@createdcreative.co.uk

To donate to the work please visit www.give.net/20193028

Emma Cottrell (Nugent 95)