Contacting Old Stoics

The Old Stoic Register, which is available via the Members Area on the Old Stoic website, allows Old Stoics to track down friends as well as make new connections for business or travel purposes.

It is an advanced connection tool which integrates with LinkedIn. You can connect directly with an Old Stoic on LinkedIn to communicate and network with them, to increase your contacts.

To gain entry, you will be asked to sign in, using your LinkedIn username and password, or you can sign up using an email address and password. The OS Register is searchable on name, house, year, industry, profession and location.

In order to make the OS Register work to its best advantage, we need everyone to sign up to link their LinkedIn account to the Register. Please go to to get started. The more Old Stoics who sign up, the more useful the tool becomes for everyone, so please do sign up without delay.

If you wish to contact an Old Stoic by post or email, you are welcome to send either letters or emails to the Old Stoic Office, marked for the attention of the relevant Old Stoic. These will be forwarded on your behalf. We are unable to give out contact details of our members under any circumstance and ask that you use the OS Office as a go-between if you fall out of touch with an Old Stoic friend.