Calling all Senior OS Golfers with Good Memories

With the opening of the new Stowe golf course and, particularly, the closing of its predecessor – now parkland with no hint of its former function since the 1950s – I have been trying to recall the layouts of previous school courses.

The accompanying plans, covering the periods 1920s-1954 and 1954-1964 (1964-2020 is, of course, well documented) are the result. But, I need some help! As I am not aware of any documentation relating to the first two courses, I have had to rely on my fast deteriorating memory. Hence this plea to OS golfers from 1950 and earlier. Please scrutinise the plans below and if you have anything at all to add, subtract or amend, please let me know. I’ll then collate our combined knowledge for the history books before it’s too late! I await your response with eager anticipation – many thanks.

Chris Atkinson (Chatham 59)