Preparations for VE-day Bonfire, Stoic July 1945

War Memories & Old Stoics Killed In Action

We are working on plans to hold a Remembrance Service at Stowe in 2023, to remember the lives of the 276 Old Stoics who were Killed In Action during the Second World War, and three who have died in conflict since then. This will form a key part of our programme to mark Stowe’s first 100 years and all Old Stoics will be invited to attend, along with any remaining family or friends of those who died.

We are planning to pay tribute to each life lost during the Service, to remember those Old Stoics who had their lives cut painfully short. We would dearly like to make contact with any family connected to these Old Stoics, so we can invite them to take part in the Service. If you know of anyone connected to these Old Stoics, please do get in touch with the OS Office. We are aware of various sons of Old Stoics who died but we are particularly keen to find relatives of those with whom we have no remaining connections. The full list of Old Stoics who were Killed in Action are listed on our website. Please do check this list and if any names look familiar, please do let us know.

In addition, we would like to appeal to those of you with memories of the Second World War to send your recollections or experiences to the Old Stoic Office, to form part of the OS Archive Collection, to be presented to Stowe in 2023. We are mindful that we must ensure these memories are collected before it is too late as they form such an important part of the social history of our School.