Stowe Connect

2020 has been a year of ‘doing things differently’. It is up for debate whether these alternatives have been for the better or worse, but, we have all had to adapt regardless. One change that has been for the better is the move from the Members Area on the website to Stowe Connect, the Old Stoic networking platform. Never has it been easier to find old friends, share your news, network with and promote your business to the OS community.

At time of writing we have 1,306 members from 45 different countries, with more Old Stoics signing up on a daily basis. I encourage you to register if you haven’t already done so, and start enjoying all the benefits Stowe Connect has to offer.

As well as the networking opportunities Stowe Connect unlocks, there is a fantastic mentoring feature – whether you are looking for a mentor or a mentee. Currently 77% of users have indicated they are willing to help so if you are looking for a work placement, to have a chat about a certain industry or just some guidance from someone who has been through it before, there is a high chance that there is someone on the network who will be able to help.

It has been a brilliant start for Stowe Connect and we are excited to see it grow and evolve. To ensure we get the most out of the platform, we need to make sure we are all engaging with it as much as possible. To help this along, we are looking to inspire Old Stoics to become Stowe Connect Ambassadors and help to spread the word to their contemporaries. If you are interested in finding out more then please email us In the meantime, please sign up and explore everything it has to offer.