OS Polo

The inaugural Old Stoic Polo Match was held at Kirtlington Park Polo Club, on Saturday 8 July. It was an OS v OS match, with teams organised by David Ashby (Chatham 03) and made up of:

Team A (White)
Max Kirchhoff (Grafton 05) 0
Sam Tylor (Chatham 98) 1
Jack Berner (Chatham 09) 3
Nicholas Britten-Long (Chandos 95) 2
Total Handicap = 6

Team B (Blue)
Jack Mann (Temple 00) 2
Jamie Peel (Grafton 00) 2
David Ashby (Chatham 03) 3
Hector Worsley (Chatham 12) 1
Total Handicap = 7

We were delighted to welcome over 140 guests for the occasion, which began with Pimm’s on the lawns, followed by a delicious lunch. The polo kicked off at 3pm and was dynamically reported to the crowd by our commentator, Ralph Grayson (Current Parent).

The Blue team were issued with a handicap and, after fantastic play, the white team took the trophy with a score of 4 ½ to 4.

This year, we hope to organise an OS v Stoic Polo Match, details will be announced once confirmed.