OS Cross-Country

The Spring race was held within the OS Sports Festival on 20 March 2022. A record turnout enjoyed much more comfortable conditions than summer 2021. With the Stoics rather short of numbers the OS victory was overwhelming!

Your usual scribe will leave this report to two other contributors, mainly because the results are confusing and modesty prevails regarding a significant part of the day!

From Simon Ridley (Walpole 95, time 28.28)

Twelve Old Stoics of varying vintages arrived for the annual Old Stoic Race on a glorious March afternoon. The course involves two laps round the lakes, starting from the South Front. Some of those who were younger and sprightlier led from the front on the first lap, then graciously got a little lost on the second, but once they realised their mistake, they soon overtook the middle order and normal proceedings resumed.

It was a bit disconcerting on the second lap when I was overtaken by some dog walkers when trying to run up Armoury Hill towards the Gothic Temple – the legs are not as young as they once were.

Extract from the OS Newsletter

We marked the occasion of Richard Weston’s (Chatham 65, 59.21) 50th Cross Country Run at Stowe. Richard has always been a dedicated member of the OS Cross Country team and it was an honour to celebrate his 50th race and cheer him over the finish line. Hannah Durden (Nugent 01, 30.58) presented him with a celebratory gift (a pair of Stowe whiskey tumblers) to mark his achievement. As ever, the race was hotly contested with all the runners completing the four-mile route with extremely quick times. Diggory Slee (Grafton 17) came in first (23.09), with second and third places being tied as a pair of OS and Stoic runners crossed the finish line in unison – it was lovely to see such comradery at the end of an incredibly fast race.

Other OS times were:
William Gallimore (Bruce 03, wrong route)
Piers Craven (Bruce 01, 25.38)
James Rossiter (Cobham 87, 27.32)
Roddy McLaughlan (Temple 01, 28.15)
Nigel Downing (Lyttelton 69, 28.33)
Richard Lloyd (Grenville 94, 29.27)
Chris Hutber (Chandos 87, 29.56)
Peter Dawson (Cobham 74, 34.06)

The team also entered the Thames Hare & Hounds Alumni Race (five miles) on Wimbledon Common. It is usually in December but this year it was moved to early September. This didn’t suit our regulars and only Chris Hutber took part, recording an unremarkable (for him) time. The OS vote is for December but unsurprisingly those who attended voted for September. They would, wouldn’t they?

Richard Weston (Chatham 65)