After a long break due to the pandemic, we finally managed to play Fives against the School in 2022 on Speech Day.

This has always been a popular fixture as it gets the players out of having to go to the dreaded speeches! The Old Stoics carried the day comfortably, but to be fair we do not play for the win, but to try and inspire the next generation of players to take up the game. Therefore, we usually swap the teams around so the Stoics play with Old Stoics to balance the matches, making sure everyone has a decent game.

It was with great sadness that I learnt at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term that the decision has been taken not to offer Fives at Stowe anymore. I believe that of all the sports that Stowe offers, Fives has the greatest ‘value added’ of them all and I think it is a great shame that Stowe has not done more to promote the game, especially given where the courts are located and the fact that they are accessible at any time for a game. I have notified the EFA (Eton Fives Association) and I hope that they will be able to work something out with the School to keep the courts and revive the game.

We are still going to organise games at Stowe for as long as the courts exist and if anyone would like to come and play, please do get in touch with myself  or the OS Office and we can let you know when games are scheduled. The next game will be played at the OS Sports Festival on 19 March 2023, followed by games during Speech Day on 27 May 2023. If anyone is in London and is keen for a game, I can also help with organising that.

Mike Skjott (Lyttelton 90)