Old Stoic Benevolent Trust

Extra help for Old Stoics, where and when it is really needed

Struggling as a result of Covid-19? Or having a tough time anyway? Simon Shneerson (Temple 72) discusses the Old Stoic Benevolent Trust (OSBT), our charity for Old Stoics and their dependants.

When we set up the Old Stoic Benevolent Trust in 2018, we already knew that almost every Old Stoic has a tough time at some point in their personal or working lives. But, we never imagined that just two years later the world would be facing a major health pandemic, months of enforced social isolation and business closures and a brutal recession to follow.

Whether you’re suffering from the health, social or economic effects of Covid-19, or whether you’re in a difficult situation from some other cause, the Old Stoic Benevolent Trust is there to support you. We can provide a friendly and empathetic ear, along with advice, practical help and emergency grants. It’s easy to make contact and we’re on your side.

How can we help you?
If you’re facing a crisis of any sort, please feel free to contact us at any time. We’re still a relatively new charity so there may be some limitations, but you will always receive a sympathetic response and as much practical help and advice as we can provide.

Call Sasha Moss on 01280 818349 or email OSBT@stowe.co.uk.

How can you help us?
We still need:

  • More volunteers to act as local points of contact for members in need.
  • Offers of support when we are trying to put together an individual help package. This might mean using your specialist skills or making business resources available. Please watch for emails from the Old Stoic Society and respond if you can.
  • Donations or legacies will help us make modest emergency grants. Please email us for further details of how to donate.

Thank you!