Nigel Milne (Chandos 68)

Nigel writes, “2017 was a decided turning point in my career as I transferred my retail jewellery business from being shop based to conducting my business from a showroom in the PASLEY-TYLER offices at 42 Berkeley Square (owned by Robert Pasley-Tyler (Grafton 63)) and from my website: Hugely different but very exciting. Having retired from the Old Stoic Society Committee and as Chairman of the OS Networking, Marketing & Events Committee (the latter of which I am still involved), I am doing my best to support my successor, Katie Lamb (Lyttelton 06). I am also overseeing the Stowe-X Rock & Blues for devotees of Rock, Blues and Country music and am in discussions with the U.M.A. (Unsigned Music Awards) to enable our members to have free access to their gigs and events. For fellow devotees of such Euterpean indulgence who would like to join us, please contact me on at or the Old Stoic Office.”