Luc Ferrand (Cobham 91)

Luc Ferrand

27 December 1972 – 3 January 2014

Luc’s Tree
In July 2017, a Silver Birch tree was planted on the South Front, overlooking the Octagon Lake and the golf course, in memory of Luc Ferrand (Cobham 91), who sadly passed away in January 2014. Luc’s family were present at the planting of the tree and his brother, Simon, penned this poem to mark the occasion.

Ode to a Brother

Here, little bro, your final place of rest,

Where you were often at your best.

Charm the girls you can once more,

Cheer sportsmen you will until they score.

Beneath this Himalayan birch, will forever a story be told

By those who in their hearts a place for you they will always hold.

Simon Ferrand (Cobham 87)