created-creative-5Finding peace in chaos!

We are a generation living in times of political and social uncertainty and the pressures of everyday life can leave us exhausted and questioning our identity and what is going on in our fragile, chaotic, ever changing world.

In the chaos that is life, where can we find a consistency, balance, tranquility, a refreshment in the midst of life’s struggles that can keep us grounded whatever we face?

Creativity can play an important part in this; we are all created to create! Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean artistic. Yes, it is true some of us have a natural gift, for example for painting, drawing, or playing a musical instrument, yet all of us whether we think it or not are creative. It just depends when we last got in touch with our creative side, as to how much it may need awakening! When we create, we give ourselves time to explore and respond to our God inspired surroundings, the God who created us and our universe.

When was the last time we took a walk without our phone? What might we have missed? A beautiful sunset, the scent of a rose, a child giggling…? What might happen if we got some paints out and started painting and expressing how we feel? If we took half an hour out of our day to draw, dance, write a poem, knit, take a photo, colour in a picture?

Healing Through CreativityAs we create, we begin to connect with ourselves and our Creator God, we begin to find ourselves and find a release to our frustrations, a way to express the true me, sometimes deeply buried, bringing much needed healing and restoration and an inner joy.

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 Emma Cottrell (Nugent 95)