A Stowe Love Story

It may have taken some 45 years for Old Stoic, Sam Ruggles-Brise (Bruce 74), to eventually tie the knot with Amanda Wilson-Barrett (née Lynch), Simon Lynch’s (Temple 73) sister, having met her at a Temple House dance back in 1973. They married in January 2018 but it’s been worth the long wait!

They followed in each other’s footsteps to all corners of the world and found themselves in the right place at the right time at her brother’s party in 2014.

In May 2017, Sam proposed to Amanda on the steps of the Temple of Ancient Virtue, on Speech Day, the day after the amazing concert given by Roger Hodgson (Grenville 68) – Supertramp founder. Sam’s Old Stoic hero!

Both families have extremely strong connections with the School. Sam’s uncle, Bryce Knox (Bruce 34) being one of the first boys at Stowe with JF Roxburgh as Headmaster. Camilla Heath (née Ruggles-Brise, Nugent 01) and Edward Ruggles-Brise (Bruce 04), along with Clementine Symson (née McGaw, Nugent 06), Amanda’s daughter and Simon’s children –Rupert Lynch (Temple 05) (Sam’s godson), Sophie Lynch (Nugent 03) and Freddie Lynch (Temple 09) also being Old Stoics.

Sam’s daughter, Millie also met her husband, Nico Heath (Grafton 01) in the Sixth Form at Stowe and married in 2010, now living in Singapore with two children, Orlando and Violet. Sam’s son, Edward, also met Jana Ruggles-Brise (née Smith, Nugent 04) at Stowe, now happily married with Paddy their son and another child on the way.

This extraordinary romantic story is testament to the magic of Stowe for all generations.

Sam and Amanda’s Wedding: L-R Jason Symson, Mrs Clementine Symson (nèe McGaw, Nugent 06), Jana Ruggles-Brise (née Smith, Nugent 04), Edward Ruggles-Brise (Bruce 04), Amanda Ruggles-Brise, Sam Ruggles-Brice (Bruce 74), Augusta McGaw, Camilla Heath (née Ruggles-Brise, Nugent 01), Nico Heath (Grafton 01)