Today I bought a piano!

by Alasdair Kennedy (Walpole 64)


Today I bought a piano for the living room and I started to touch some keys,

Of all many musical instruments, I believe the piano is possibly my favourite,

I love to hear the honky tonk tone that it shares and the feeling that it leaves,

To listen to the music that it plays, sometimes romantic with a melodies trite.

Music is something to be enjoyed and embraced, but we must first find time,

To stop, take a break for a moment to recharge, relax and life‘s turmoil forget,

And hear the rhythm and beat, those vibes for our enjoyment akin to a rhyme,

Like a tune, a song that we like to repeat or a hum when we must need to reset!

The melodies melancholy, or the jazz and razzmatazz, depending on the mood,

Whether the beat is slow or fast, all music is a tonic for our mind and the soul,

Music can be listened to, danced to or sung along with and makes us feel good,

Some music is mellow, other down beat, but perhaps the liveliest is rock and roll.

Composers of music like poets of verse have two traits in common worthy of note,

They have a calling to be creative and a need to record and share their life´s gift,

This is something to treasure and celebrate for the beauty they prepared or wrote,

So thanks to Beethoven and The Beatles, in their own way, for giving life a lift!