Templa Quam Dilecta

(How Beautiful are thy Temples)

Did you absorb beauty at Stowe? As an Old Stoic you will have heard, no doubt many times, that Stowe’s first Headmaster, the great JF Roxburgh, stated that every Stoic should “know beauty when he sees it all his life”. Living, studying, growing up and, of course, exploring the grounds (both day and night), that maxim may even have been imprinted subconsciously in your mind. Whether through the beauty of the impressive ducal mansion or the variety of temples and monuments in the landscaped gardens. You may even have studied Art, History of Art, Design, Textiles or Photography at Stowe where you will have been introduced to beauty in its many forms and the unrivalled power of the visual and creative imagination. Equally, you may have been inspired to further explore your interests and talents in the creative and visual arts at college, university or in work. Then you will have faced the real world of securing employment, the need for advice, support and contacts to help you fulfil your aesthetic ambitions. Even if you work in other fields, an appreciation of beauty will remain with you all your life.

Every Stoic will know beauty when he sees it all his lifeJF Roxburgh

It is undeniable that in the past century, Stowe has produced many artists, architects, art dealers, curators and creators in the world of fashion, landscape design, photography etc. Thus, to celebrate Stowe’s Centenary of achievements in the visual and creative arts, the OS Society proposes to establish the Templa Quam Dilecta (TQD) group, which will enable Old Stoics to share advice, offer support, contacts and perhaps internships and jobs in these fields. An annual lunch or dinner, addressed by a major figure in the Creative Arts, will bring together Old Stoics to socialise, network and exchange their experiences and even reminisce.

We will set up a dedicated page on the OS website to promote TQD and will facilitate networking and mentoring via a dedicated group in Stowe Connect – a link will be circulated to members. We will then survey members to find out whether you are able to offer help or advice or are seeking advice from other members.

If you would like to join TQD, please contact the OS Office with your name, House and year, your occupation and your business name.

Crispin Robinson (Former staff 1993-2020)