Stowe’s Golf Courses

In the last edition of The Corinthian, I appealed to OS golfers for their recollections of Stowe’s early golf courses covering the years 1920 to 1954 and 1954 to 1964. Although I was not inundated with correspondence, I am indebted to David Gale (Cobham 68), James Alexander (Grenville 54) and Guy Vowles (Cobham 62) for their most valuable contribution. As a result, the plans of the first two golf courses have been redrawn and these, together with the plan of the course that was played from 1946 to 2020, provide an interesting evolutionary picture of golf at Stowe over the past hundred years.

If anyone is able to improve on these plans, please let me know before they become official archives.

Chris Atkinson (Chatham 59)