Rupert Upton (Chandos 80)

“I was married in 1990 and we divorced amicably in 2016; I have two children from my marriage, Felix, now 30 and Gabriella now 26 (both educated at Cheltenham College… sorry!); two stepchildren from my relationship with Iryada, Tom 16 and Jack 12, and we have a four-year-old boy Wilfrid together – it keeps me young! We have lived in Wiltshire, in the lovely village of Bishopstone, since 2014.

I have worked in time critical logistics since 1987 and am still heavily involved with a company called 1st Class Logistics UK Ltd, which operates all around the UK from bases in Berkshire and Hampshire. I love riding mountain bikes and off-road motorbikes in the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa and consider myself to be a very “outdoorsy” person, which I partly attribute to five wonderful years at Stowe. So many happy memories of sport, fishing on the lakes, climbing out of dormitory windows to meet taxis in the night to go to concerts (including The Ramones!) at Aylesbury Friars. Oh, and I did end up with twelve O-Levels, but the A-Levels didn‘t go quite so well!”