Repair Update: Stowe Church

Our appeal for help towards the replacement of the Church roof had a fantastic response from Old Stoics and once again a big thank you for all your donations.

As it has been some time since the appeal, we thought we should provide you with an update. Along with everyone else we were completely thrown off course by COVID and then the huge increase in the price of copper for the roof. We are now ready to go ahead and the plan is as follows:

We are currently applying for separate faculties for the roof and the work needed for the walls. We intend to focus on the roof, as this is the most urgent, but will try and do both sets of work in 2023.

In January/February 2023 we applied for grants to top up the generous donations from you and others to ensure we can meet the full costs, as we are currently approximately £50K short of the total amount for all the work.

In February/March, a bat survey will be undertaken as there are bats in the roof.

The work should start in the second half of the year with new lead on the Tower roof and new copper on all the rest – with the exception of the Nave, which has already been renewed.

We would of course be delighted to accept any donations towards the costs if you have not already donated.

Thank you once again.

Neil Fraser-Smith, Treasurer of Stowe Parish Church