OS Corkscrew Society

2018 was an incredible year for the Old Stoic Corkscrew Society, with fantastic attendance and fascinating Sommeliers.

The year started in Berkeley Square with a portfolio tasting of the great French classics, White Burgundy and Bordeaux, by the engaging team of specialist fine wine merchants, Goedhuis & Co. Johnny Goedhuis gave us the intriguing and talented duo of Hugo McMullen and Ruairi O’Hara to lead the event by introducing the various wines that were both spoiling and delicious. The event was bursting with Old Stoics of various vintages. It was an oversubscribed event and we were very proud to host such a successful evening at the start of the year.

Our next occasion was a chocolate and wine pairing at the Crabtree in Fulham, with the charming Chris Scott from Thirtyfifty leading the tasting, pairing Rococo Chocolates with an assortment of five wines. Following this, fresh chocolate brownies were handed out with some deep soothing red wines that created the perfect combination of flavours. It was a delicious evening in more ways than one.

The tradition of ending our OS Corkscrew Society with a spoiling dinner lives on, this time at 67 Pall Mall. The sumptuous evening was the perfect finale for 2018. Anne de Bérard educated us on the new wines being introduced onto the market, including grapes being grown in Denmark. Each table was separated into teams with various wines beautifully numbered and placed in front of each person with facts dotted around the page which had to be matched up to the wines in front of us. It was a difficult task but incredibly enjoyable with many interesting conversations and joyful debates. A lovely way to finish the year for the Corkscrew Society.

We are looking forward to some interesting tastings coming in 2019 following another efficacious year by the OS Corkscrew Team. If you would like to join the Old Stoic Corkscrew Society, please join our Facebook group and contact Anna Semler without whom, none of this would be possible. If you have any suggestions for tasting topics or sommeliers please do get in touch.

We look forward to this year being another ‘corker’ for the OS Corkscrew Society.


Talulla Barrow (Lyttelton 07)