Nigel Milne (Chandos 68)

Nigel writes, “Successive lockdowns and being forced to work from home, together with a total change in people’s shopping habits, has made us realise that working by appointment is definitely the way forward. Not only does it make us more active, as we are no longer confined by the restrictions of having to “man-the-shop” for ten hours a day, but by conducting our business from the elegant Mayfair premises of the Pasley-Tyler (Grafton 62) business club at 42 Berkeley Square, we are just as busy and our overheads have shrunk considerably! Please do get in touch for all of your jewellery requirements.

My OS highlight of 2021 was organising and MC-ing the UNSIGNED! event for OS singer/songwriters and bands – huge fun! (Please see the report of the full event here). I am also thoroughly enjoying being involved with some of the plans for the Stowe Centenary celebrations in 2023.”