Niel Nicholson (Walpole 83)

Niel writes, “We have just launched a new initiative – the Forest Canopy Foundation, I am the founder and one of the directors. So, who and what is the Forest Canopy Foundation? The Forest Canopy Foundation (FCF) is a not-for-profit organisation and is the professional forestry industry response to the climate crisis, driving to increase woodland creation, at scale, across England. It is made up of a group of directors from independent private sector forestry companies, who passionately believe that the only way to achieve the goal is for them to work together.

To make an impact, collaborative working is vital. It utilises the skills and professional heritage of all the companies and manages an innovative scheme, combining public and private finance and landowner interest to achieve woodland planting that all can be proud of. The directors of FCF have a proven track record built on years of knowledge and experience. Offering quality and assurance, we have many successful projects and developments with experience in planting large-scale woodlands and forests throughout the UK. We can deliver an efficient service that will offer better value of investments, by understanding the practical implementation of tree planting and management. This offers a transparent investment process, offering the ability to trace funding down to the field in which trees are planted.”