Nicholas Faure (Cobham 62)

Nick writes, “Due to the uncertainty of all the financial markets in the UK with the disastrous mess of Brexit, my Classic Car business has almost ground to a halt and the UK market is virtually dead. So being an enterprising Old Stoic, I have launched a new Medical Tourism company that will cater for all those clients who are frustrated with the escalating costs and ever-lengthening queues in our Health Sector in the UK, by offering procedures at the top level of technology and at the affordable prices in Ukraine. We will fly clients there to the required specialist clinics that we have sourced with our representatives on the ground there to welcome you. The most popular procedures are cosmetic, dental, full health checks and diagnostics, health spas, eye surgery and testing, ENT, cardiac and neurology and cancer treatment with the latest proton beam and cyber knife technology with highly qualified technicians. The cost and time savings are astonishing but the quality is never sacrificed, and in most cases surpasses the UK.”