Mr Joseph John Gambarini (Cobham 72)

5 December 1954 – 6 April 2021

Joe Gambarini sadly passed away on 6 April 2021. Stowe played a major part in his life, he loved everything about the School that gave him so many opportunities. He was an active OSS committee member from 2002-2009.

Joe ran a very successful business, Princes restaurant in Pontypridd, South Wales with his twin brother David (Cobham 72). Joe was the heart and soul of Pontypridd’s favourite establishment – a true gentleman of a man. He was born and bred in the Welsh town and a trip to Princes restaurant was a must when visiting. Staff remember him as the best boss they could have ever wished for, whilst customers adored him as he had time for everyone.

On the day of his funeral, the town of Pontypridd came to a complete standstill to mourn his passing as one of its favourites was laid to rest. Hundreds of people lined the main high street in a touching tribute to this loved person and Neil Davidson (Cobham 72) his life-long friend delivered an emotional eulogy.

Joe is survived by his wife Nicola, sons William (Cobham 98), Edward (Cobham 00), Piers (Cobham 01) and four grandsons.

Ed Gambarini (Cobham 00)