Jx2 The alchemy of business

Welcome to the hub for entrepreneurial businesses looking for advice, mentoring and investment, and for investors and entrepreneurs looking for ideal partnerships.

Who are we? There are four founders, three of us are Old Stoics, the fourth keeps an eye on the finances. Three of us have played in bands, one of us is successful to the envy of the others. Two of us are client-facing with similar names (just to add to the confusion).

For the entrepreneurs, we’ve been acting for a digital bank, looking for second round funding. We’re acting for an innovative pharma startup with huge aspirations, as well as with an F2P game, giving players the chance to win experiences and backstage event opportunities, which is looking for third round funding.

We are working with a games author on a Triple A game, something we started as lockdown took hold but is now coming to fruition. Here, we have engaged with the Old Stoic community where the necessary skills and knowledge have really come to the fore. We’ve also been approached with app proposals and are currently working with one within the medical sphere.

As for investors, we are involved with family offices, venture capitals, private individuals and funding teams. Each opportunity is evaluated on its own merits, the sector it’s in and the level of funding required from initial upwards. On that note, we have investors keen to look at startups, first round fundings and one who is very keen on any CBD-related opportunities. Have a look at www.jx2.london and get in touch for a chat.

Jonathon Hall (Bruce 79), Jonathan Keating (Cobham 73), Patrick Keating (Bruce 15)