Julian Nesbitt (Chandos 07)

Julian founded Dr Julian Medial Group to improve access to mental healthcare provision. He writes, “We connect people via secure video audio and text appointments to qualified, vetted, mental health therapists through our platform www.dr-julian.com. We are now scaling rapidly in the NHS and corporate markets having proven a far higher recovery rate of over 70% compared to the NHS average of less than 50% and a much reduced did not attend rate. Through utilising our technology, patients can now get access to the right therapist for them in a global network via our matching systems of issue they need help with therapy type and language and they can get an appointment within a day, rather than waiting for 6 months to access help. We are looking to bring on board more corporate companies to help employees who may be struggling with their mental health and can offer a white-labelled customised platform to any organisation that we work with. We have also started working with Universities and can now work with schools. Please do get in touch if you’re interested to find out more.”