James Larter (Temple 12)

James writes, “I recently released my debut album ‘Polarity’, which is available on all streaming and download platforms, with an album launch in early 2022. It is a highly percussive psychedelic musical journey that features some of London’s finest session musicians and singers. It uses lots of marimba and vibraphone as well as a XyloSynth; which is an electronic marimba company that I am now endorsed by. I have also become an Acoustic Percussion Artist, which means that I am developing a new range of signature mallets and sticks with the company. I am a 2022 artist for the City Music Foundation; a prestigious artist management that will help me commission new music, grant me recitals and develop my career as a solo-percussionist. Two new compositions of mine for Percussion Duo and Electronics from Side by Side Percussion will be premiered in Groningen, Netherlands on 22 November.