Geoffrey Wolfson (Chatham 66)

Mr Geoffrey Wolfson and Mrs Rosemary Wolfson celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Saturday 10 July, 50 years to the day after they were married. John (Fingers) Fingleton (Chatham 66), their Best Man in 1971 and Geoff’s erstwhile study-mate, brought some much-needed order to a delightful and very happy garden dinner party for family and friends, several of whom had been wedding guests 50 years previously. The party was memorably catered by Zara’s Kitchen (Zara White, Lyttelton 06) and the wines were supplied by Guy Boursot, whose champagnes have graced more than one OS Corkscrew Club event. To complete the Stowe connections, Rosemary’s late father, Edward “Josh” Reynolds, taught chemistry at Stowe just before and immediately after World War II. 

The health of the happy couple was proposed by their children, Alex and Sarah; both Geoff and Rosemary responded in their own ways. The proceedings were overseen by the Best Man, whose own speech for the occasion was moving, amusing and (according to those who were still sober enough to remember that far back) even better than his efforts 50 years before!