Dr Chris Gornall (Grafton 51)

Chris writes, “Before Covid, our holidays mostly involved foreign travel. Now our focus is exploring the UK and above all seeing friends. A walk and a talk can be treasured experiences at 89. Luckily, Belinda and I are both in good health. The image is a sculpture called ’Embrace‘, carved by me in 2021. All my sculptures are for sale (very favourable prices to Old Stoics!). www.chrisgornall.co.uk. 

I am now, at last, writing some stories from my life. I always try to be truthful, avoiding conscious invention when memory fails – as it does constantly. My present challenge is remembering myself at 25. I was on a motorbike in Africa, I had a large Huntley and Palmers biscuit tin tied on behind me which contained a human head…”