Derek Nightingale (Chatham 49)

Derek writes, “2018 was a difficult year for my wife, who broke a kneecap in a fall in Vienna in April, whilst we were on the annual organ tour with Oxford and District Organists. This resulted in an operation and seven day stay in a Viennese hospital, which gave the impression of being well-run. However, on return to England, with excellent help from LV insurance, it was found that a further operation was necessary, resulting in another seven day stay in the Oxford JR Hospital. The knee continues to be painful. On a more cheerful note, it was a privilege to be allowed to play several interesting Viennese organs, notably the impressive instrument in the Music Verein. Later in the year, at the invitation of the Bishop of Dorchester, I was made a Member of the St. Birinus Fellowship in recognition of my 22 years as Organist and choirmaster in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell. Our four children and twelve grandchildren continue to amaze us with their academic and career successes.”