Colin Maher (Chatham 55)

Colin writes, “Greetings to Stowe classmates 1953-54. Hi to Mike Burrows, tennis team partner, and RAF Blandy, squash team rival. I am still enjoying life in ‘Greentown’ Zelenograd, where I have been living since 2000. I met my Russian wife in 2002 and, after visiting many countries, we got married in Moscow in 2012. The photo is of us in a selfie taken in June 2018. In September, I bought my flat from my landlord, and now am applying for temporary residency, so I don’t have to keep on going out of Russia and returning the next day, which I have been doing every six months on my 3 year visa for the past 5 years. Have any Old Stoics been to Moscow or planning a visit?”