Colin Davies (Temple 51)

Colin Davies MealColin writes, “I attach a copy of a page from the State Dining Room booklet that I have received from Stowe. The picture at the bottom left (showing my lunch of 2 sausages and mash potato) was taken by me in 1950 or ’51. After taking the picture, I ate the lunch. Anyway, I was very amused to see that a good use had been found for my photography from about 66 years ago. The other picture shows the Master, Windsor Richards (Windy Dick) at the end of the table. The boy facing the camera on the left is Tim Sinton (Temple 52), and on the extreme right appears to be Keith Knowles (Temple 52). Beyond Knowles is probably Michael Davis (Temple 52), but I can’t be sure. Of course, these pictures were taken by me in Temple Dining Room, not in the big Dining Room that they are trying to repair. Christopher Latham (Chatham 51) writes about whale meat and snoek fish. They must have been reserved for Chatham: I don’t think we had any in Temple.”